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What is our Learning Portfolio

The KNEEguru has 20 years' worth of content - it's a lot!

To try and help you to find the information you need we have packaged the content into blocks -

PRIMERS - for beginners wanting to understand the basics

COURSES - for readers wanting to understand the principles, issues and controversies of important knee problems

eBOOKS - to download and read at your leisure

EXPERT VIEWS - blogs from knee surgeons and physiotherapists

GENERAL ARTICLES - blogs from our in-house team

JOURNAL INTERPRETATIONS - making medical publications accessible to lay readers

Latest Content

How TT-TG Distance is measured, and what it means.

An interpretation of a published medical article on the posteromedial corner of the knee.

This is a comprehensive educational paper discussing the evaluation of those conditions that fall under the loose umbrella of Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome or PFPS.

Rehabilitation after cruciate ligament reconstruction has some special challenges, and it is helpful that patients understand why.

A discussion of the differences between the two menisci in terms of their mobility, and what this means in terms of meniscus injury patterns.

A discussion of newer concepts in fat-derived stem cell work.

This is the Editor's interpretation of a paper published in the orthopaedic literature in 2017.

Osteoarthritis in the knee means wear and damage of the cartilage covering the ends of the bones.

Unfortunately I see that many of my Danish colleagues still do an 'open' surgical Baker's cyst removal as opposed to a keyhole (arthroscopic) procedure.

Modern knee surgeons are feeling progressively more at home with multi-media education.

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