Our wonderful community of 'KNEEgeeks' have stuck with us over the two decades since KNEEguru was first launched.

We are trying to collect together all the Community activities and venues, to make it easy for everyone to keep in touch. So these include :


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Join in with thousands of knee discussions -

After you register, and have your email confirmed, you will be able to participate actively in discussions - asking questions, giving advice, maintaining your own diary and adding calendar dates. After you have 20 posts, you will be able to send and receive private messages.


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'Be Social'

Take a look at our Social Media venues -

Click through to see all our Social Media venues. Some are busier that others but there is plenty of variety and you are sure to find a topic of interest.



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Readers' Blogs

Enjoy blogs from past readers -

We have discontinued inviting readers to blog on the main content part of the site, because it often cause confusion as some people thought it was the forum. Also, forum members really seem to like using the Forum Diaries, and that seems to be a more sensible place for ongoing information. However, the old blogs are valuable and we will keep them there for now.


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Contributions from Patients

Benefit from articles written by patients -

There is nothing like hearing the story from someone who has been experiencing the same kind of problems as you have. Some of our readers have sent us really interesting material that we are happy to publish.


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Read the testimonials -

Readers frequently write in with nice things to say about this site. It is wonderful to get encouragement because KNEEguru is really a 'labour of love'. 


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Live Events

Join a live event -

We will notify people when we hold a live event - usually in the News section of the Forum or by mailing people on our Newsletter list.