Knee pain is pain experienced in the knee, although it may not necessarily arise from the structures there.


Characteristics of knee pain

Knee pain can be very specific - related to a single structure where the pain my be easily isolated, or it may be vague and all that the patient can say is that it is 'in the front'. Pain may arise from the structures within the knee, or may be related to structures further away, such as the hip or lower back. It may be brought on my activities or experienced at rest.

knee pain on activities joint line pain in the knee knee pain at rest
Pain related to jumping sports may be a tendon problem. Joint line pain may be a meniscus tear. Knee pain at rest may be joint arthritis.

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Common knee symptoms

'Common things occur commonly!'




Anterior knee pain following total knee replacement correlates with the OARSI score of the cartilage of the patella. Metsna V1, Vorobjov S, Lepik K, Märtson A. Acta Orthop. 2014 Aug;85(4):427-32.

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