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: Malrotation following Intramedullary nailing of oblique fracture of left tibia  ( 267 )


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Fillowing IM nailing of my tibia 6 weeks ago I noticed about two weeks ago after the swelling went down that my foot is pointing excessively to the inside and after some examination by a few different consultants it has been confirmed it is malrotation. They estimate it at 20-30 however calculation of my CT has yet to be done. At this point I was told since the bone has started healing they are not too sure what they can do apart from external fixation. I have seen some stories of malrotation fixed by second operation (nailing/plating). Does anyone here know of a surgeon who has had any success of fixing malrotation to an acceptable degree without external fixation?
I had seen reply to a similar topic by @missmyknee with his story however unfortunately he does not mention who fixed it for him
I have also got some problems with my knee however it is difficult to tell at this point if it'll heal and is part of the consequences of IM nailing or will need to be fixed at a later date after my fracture is dealt with
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Hi Invicta

I just saw this posting. You were wondering where I had surgery to correct the malrotation of the nailing of my tib-fib fracture. I live in the U.S. in Kansas. An orthopeadic surgeon there, who specializes in the lower leg, ankle and foot, did my surgery. I also developed arthrofibrosis in my knee from the incision and entry thru my patella tendon to insert the nail down the tibia. Where as you are inwardly malrotated , I was 40 degrees externally rotated.

I have a series of blogs about my experience in the community section of the website under blogs. Mine is the first one under arthrofibrosis

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