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: 8 weeks after patellar dislocation & still can't straighten knee  ( 167 )


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I fell and dislocated my right patella 8 weeks ago today. I was given crutches and a large immobiliser, which was removed by the ortho on day 10 because he didn't want me to get too weak. I've had physio twice since it happened, and my physio and I both suspect that I also sprained my ankle when it happened. My ankle and leg have been incredibly stiff, and I have limited ROM, even with exercises that I do twice daily. The exercises have helped the swelling in my ankle go away, though my ROM is still somewhat limited. Until about 2-3 weeks ago, I couldn't even touch my heel to the floor. It still stiffens up with inactivity, but it is much better.

The most concerning thing is that I still can't straighten my knee after all this time. It's not because of pain - I physically cannot force it into a straight or locked position. If I sit on a bed and try to straighten both of my knees, my right knee remains several inches above my left, no matter how hard I try to straighten it. I had an MRI just before Christmas and will get the results when I see my ortho again on Wednesday, but I'm getting really worried.

From what I've read, dislocations usually heal in 6-8 weeks, and even though I've improved, I feel like I should be able to straighten my knee now, and that hasn't changed at all. I can walk only short distances (a few feet) without crutches, but it's completely unstable because of not being able to straighten my knee.

Any idea what this could be? Or what I can do to get it to straighten more?


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Wait to see what the specialist says on the basis of the MRI and his examination

The locking sounds similar to my meniscus tear, I couldn't straighten my knee for 5 months until I had menisectomy

The specialist should be able to diagnose a tear from manual tests if the MRI doesn't show. Or it could be something else related to the dislocation

Good luck :)
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