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: What the heck  ( 153 )


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What the heck
« : January 08, 2018, 10:09:16 PM »
About 6 Months ago I injured my left knee. I might have done damage more than once during a 2 month period.

It was really painful at first. Minimum swelling. Urgent care said a little swelling under knee cap and I have patellafemoral pain syndrome. But does that make sense being an acute injury? It started popping when I extend it. It pops at the very end of knee extension almost like have to push it a bit but it does pop. Sometimes it pops when I am walking and I accidentally extend it too mych. Then sometimes it pops again immediately when I bend it back. It also has a small pop in the middle of extension.

It's a deep pain inside of the knee. It starts at the back of the left knee around my tibia and through the front inside. It's just a deep pain. Well I reinjured it and it popped pretty good, but after swelling now it hurts and pops a little less.

I walk making sure my knee won't extend, keeping it bent and limping. I've tried several braces and they don't help. I can still pop my knee if I step on it wrong and the pain is still there. It's my fault for being such a procrastinator.

Since it feels a little better sometimes as long as I don't really use it do I still need to see a dr? Could it be something other than something serious like a tear?


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Re: What the heck
« #1 : January 08, 2018, 11:05:20 PM »
If itís been 6 months, see a doctor preferably a knee specialist
Good luck :)
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